Maya Utility Node Listing Help

I find I'm using more utility nodes these days, and most of the time these are created from scripts. Nodes like 'distanceBetween', 'multiplyDivide' and 'clamp' nodes provide the various gubbins for rigging functions and enhancements. Up till now, I just created them and would search for them by graphing a connected node, or looking for them in the outliner. These nodes always required a little bit of effort to find them. So now when I create them, I create them as 'utility' nodes by saying so in the syntax of the creation command. Btw, this mimics how they're created by default in the hypershade.
import maya.cmds as mc

mc.shadingNode('clamp', asUtility=True, name='myClamp')
Now I can easily access all these nodes under the 'Utility' tab in the hypershade. I love it more when it's easier.

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